Sunday, December 4, 2011

BAR-BUILDING (#1): an invitation

we think opening a bar is really interesting.  please join us while it happens.

what to donate: your most presidential face for the mayer's bakery portraits, your most discerning taste buds toward finding the best booze for root beer, and your most disposable dollars for artwork and truffles.

no hammers and saws.... yet.

more details to follow as they evolve.


  1. What if I already know the best booze for root beer? SPOILER ALERT!

    Having to log in to Google to comment on a website post? And having to fill out a CAPTCHA form on top of that? I give this as much of a thumbs down as is possible.

  2. there are no spoilers in science! throw down! what is it? let it join the game!

    (what are all these hoops you jumped through to comment? how do we do away with this?)

  3. I thought I replied on this but I don't see muh comment. Oh well, the answer is "bourbon" and a root beer-bourbon cocktail is called a "Colonel Rusty" after the man that co-invented it with me (or so we are pretty sure) and Mayer's should have Fitz's on draft and there should be some blarg-settings you can change somewhere.

  4. The Colonel Rusty will be competing against 5 other delicious options tomorrow, Pancake Master. We are putting it to the test.