Thursday, January 19, 2012

BAR BUILDING 2: The Unemployment Ball on Groundhog's Night

Come celebrate Mike Stasny, Missouri's newest dislocated worker, and all who have come before him. Spend an evening wearing everything expensive you own and formally entertain your friends with the cheapest jokes you know.

We will have for you:
-sponsored PBR, directly from our sponsor, PBR
-Drink Think #2: Dirties, a small martini menu
-Hors D'oeuvre Plates by Moonlight Farm
-Funk Inc., DJ Boogieman/DJ Invisible Cola
-and a new art installation for you to look formal in front of (composed of disregarded office supplies from Mike Stasny's former employer, USA3000 Airlines).

Drink, sweat, and look fancy.

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